A Day In The Life of.......

Once a month we speak to different members of staff to find out what a day in their life is like.


So far we have caught up with;








January 2020: Nishtha Misra

February 2020: Stefanie Smith

March 2020: Diane Miller

April 2020: Emma Palmer

May 2020: Kerin Speedie

June 2020: Hannah Durston

July 2020: Urvashi Suddul

August 2020: Emily Ham

September 2020: Mandy Coltham






January 2019: Elyse Palmer

February 2019: Simon Longhurst

March 2019: Daniel Bennett

April 2019: Jack Staker

May 2019: Zara Hall

June 2019: Nicholas Johnson

July 2019: Donna Morris

August 2019: Callum Wadlan

September 2019: Amy Turner-Ives

October 2019: Alec Davie

November 2019: Keelie Loftus

December 2019: Mandy Coltham, Josh Parton & Emily Fermor

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