I have bought a ticket for an event that has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus, will I get my money back?
  • 30th Mar 2020
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Following the recent Coronavirus pandemic, huge events all over the UK as well as across the world are being cancelled. Quite understandably, once this occurs the first thing that people will wonder is “will I get my money back?”


Usually, when events or travel tickets are cancelled the seller of the tickets will refund you for the cost of the ticket, except for the additional costs for postage, booking fees etc. However, when tickets are cancelled due to Force Majeure (an act of God), the terms and conditions associated with that ticket often limit how the buyer of the ticket would be compensated.  Nonetheless, a lot of providers for tickets that are being cancelled as a result of the Coronavirus are refunding ticket prices, even if their terms state otherwise.


Instead of refunds, some events such as Euro 2020 are allowing those who purchased tickets for the tournament to keep their tickets for the rescheduled game when the event goes ahead in 2021. This is similarly being done by Glastonbury, who are allowing those who paid a deposit for their ticket to keep that deposit in place for when the festival takes place next year. However, if you are unable to make the rescheduled event, then you should once again contact the provider of the tickets and ask for a refund. It is therefore important to contact the provider of the event in the first instance to see how they will initially be dealing with the cancellation of the event.


If you are struggling to obtain a refund, then you should contact your credit card provider to enquire further. When using a credit card, if you buy something between £100 and £30,000 then you are automatically entitled to a refund if you do not receive what you were promised. Even if the purchase was below £100 or with a debit card, you should still contact your provider as they sometimes offer charge back schemes.


In these rather unprecedented times, it seems as a whole that providers of such events are adopting a more compensatory attitude to those who purchased tickets to cancelled events as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak. It is therefore important to initially get in contact with provider of the ticket before to find out how they are dealing with the cancellation, before then turning your attention to your credit/debit card provider if you are struggling to obtain a refund.