Tenant eviction ban extended by a further 2 months
  • 17th Jun 2020
  • Article written by Emma Salmon
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The government announced in March that all housing possession proceedings would be suspended to help protect private and social renters, and those with mortgages and licences covered by the Protection from Eviction Act 1977. The stay in the proceedings was brought in for an initial period of 90 days from 27 March.


The government announced on 5 June 2020 that the stay on possession proceedings would be extended fur a further two months until 23 August 2020. Housing Secretary, Rt Hon Robert Jenrick MP stated that “Eviction hearings will not be heard in Courts until the end of August and no-one will be evicted from their home this summer due to coronavirus”. However, there is power to grant further extension to this, if the position changes.


The formal rule change has not yet taken place, but it is anticipated that the rules will be amended soon to account for this in line with the announcement. This will mean that landlords are not able to start possession proceedings against residential tenants until at the earliest 24 August 2020.


However, the proceedings will only be able to be commenced if the landlord has already given sufficient notice to the tenant. Landlords are also currently restricted under the Coronavirus Act 2020 which provides that until 30 September 2020 (with a power within the legislation for this date to be extended) Section 21 and Section 8 Notices to terminate Assured Shorthold Tenancies require a landlord to give at least 3 months’ notice in the prescribed form