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Your employment contract is a very important document as it should set out all the terms of your employment and what is required of you by your employer. It is designed to offer you both clarity and protection and it must also comply with all relevant employment regulations. Most importantly, please ensure you have an employment contract with your employer and that it has been appropriately signed by both you and them. The contract can be used to place restrictions upon you as well as employment and notice terms.


It may therefore be appropriate to seek independent legal advice from an employment contract solicitor before signing a new contract whether you are joining a new firm or just receiving a new contract. Certainly if joining a new firm, you have a strong opportunity to make changes to your contract before signing on the dotted line. Once signed it much harder to question any terms and conditions you are not happy with. In any employment dispute, the contract is one of the most important documents which governs the outcome. Our advice is therefore take independent advice at the right time. 


Whitehead Monckton provide employment law advice for employees and can advise you on the best approach to achieve your commercial objectives while maintaining good relations with your employer or prospective employer.


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