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Charities can become involved in disputes.  They may be commercial disputes, for example regarding a contract for delivery of services or for the payment of outstanding charges.   Our specialist Dispute Resolution team can provide expert advice in respect of a wide range of potential disputes.

The added dimension for charities can often be the impact of adverse publicity.  If disputes arise which can reflect badly on charities this can affect their fundraising and ability to apply for grants.

Another area which can affect charities can be where legacies to the charity are disputed by other members of the deceased family.  A recent case which went to the Court of Appeal, Ilot v Mitson, demonstrates the challenges and dilemmas for charities.  In this case legacies had been given to 3 national charities with no provision for the deceased estranged daughter.  Through the case the daughter was able to win provision at the expense of the charities legacies. 

The extent to which a charity should become involved in such a dispute to secure a legacy and at what cost in legal fees is a difficult decision.  All cases are considered on their merits so it is vital to obtain experienced legal advice. 

James Woods who is a member of the CASE team specialises in disputes of this type and can provide expert advice to charities.


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