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As with any business, it is very likely a charity is also an employer. Employment law is both a complex and ever changing area and one where it is important to ensure your charity complies with the relevant legislation.

Equally importantly if problems arise, these can have a real impact on the charity.  For example if an employee is incorrectly treated, they may sue the charity for wrongful dismissal and receive a financial payment.  It may also result in adverse publicity for their charity which can have a direct impact on fundraising and public confidence.

Our employment lawyers can provide the full range of legal advice:

• Employment contracts, policies and procedures

• Redundancies and business reorganisation

• TUPE transfers

• Disciplinary and grievance procedures

• Termination of employment

• Employment tribunal representation and costs

• Settlement agreements

• Discrimination and equal opportunities

• Enforcement of post-termination restrictions

• Maternity and family friendly law

• Performance management and capability

• Sickness absence

The most important element of our advice is to ensure your charity complies with all the legislation and treats all employees and trustees in a professional and appropriate way.  We are here to guide and advise you to achieve this.

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