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Charity trustees provide a vital service to their charities, bringing a vast array of experience to support the charities’ endeavours. They also carry a range of responsibilities.

As outlined on the Charities Commission website, the legal responsibilities of trustees mean you must:

  • follow the law and the rules in the charity’s governing document
  • act responsibly and only in the interests of the charity
  • use reasonable care and skill
  • make well-informed decisions, taking advice when you need to

To support trustees in their roles, we arrange a number of informative seminars for trustees throughout the year, providing training and updates on changing legislation.  We are also closely involved with regional bodies that provide coordinated support for charities such as Involve in Maidstone and Red Zebra in Canterbury. 

We are keen to work with charities to raise the profile of the sector and often attend local events to promote our services, and help demonstrate our commitment to the sector.

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