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Licenced premises add an extra dimension to business transactions as any restrictions and additional fees can have a direct impact on the profitability of a deal.  Likewise any issues over licensing can mean an expensive asset is unable to generate the right income levels when licensing issues arise. We advise on all aspects of the transaction and also liaise closely with local and national surveyors and if necessary specialist licence advisers.


Restrictions on title and restrictions contained in leases can be hugely problematic and there are restrictions which our clients need to understand and manage as part of the overall transaction and business model.


Sales and purchases can be very time dependent, and although we would not advise rushing any transaction, we can respond quickly to help make the transaction work and achieve the best results for you.  So in the same way that our clients aren’t “one size fits all”, neither is the service and advice we provide.


Over the last few years, there have been many changes in this sector. Tenanted pubs and restaurants have seen more flexibility being introduced into their supplier agreements after a few disastrous years. Smaller bespoke groups are challenging areas previously the domain of the national chains and pubs are still closing at a high rate and being converted to residential developments.


Whether you are a large enterprise, a new and quirky leisure company or a tenant landlord, we will understand your issues, advise you and get to know your business and its aims so that we can form a long lasting relationship with you. 

Thank you so much for your hard work and helpful attitude towards the sale of our business - it is really appreciated. I would most definitely recommend you. 

Can we help?