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Family Law
Tax & Estate/Wills
Residential Property Law

What is the difference between exchange and completion of contracts? Answered by Diane Weinstock


Can the purchase price for a property be kept confidential? Answered by Sadie Webb


What will owning a leasehold property as opposed to a freehold one mean for me? Answered by Emma Corkan


The seller appears to have breached one of the restrictive covenants contained within the title, what are the options to enable me to proceed? Answered by Lisa Allbutt


I am in the process of purchasing a property, when should I take out buildings insurance? Answered by Demi Crick


My residential lease is coming to an end, how do I renew it? Answered by Jack Staker


I have a Help to Buy ISA - How do I claim the 25% bonus? Answered by Connie Drane


What is Chancel Repair Liability? Answered by Carole Cooper


When we receive copies of the Land Registry Title from a seller's solicitor, what are the main things that we are looking for, as a buyer's solicitor? Answered by Carole Cooper


Will solar panels increase the value of your property? Answered by Diane Weinstock


"Squatter's rights" how would I obtain adverse Possession? Answered by Lisa Allbutt


I’ve heard that there were changes to Stamp Duty Land Tax at the beginning of March – how will this affect me? Answered by Connie Drane


Which residential searches should I have carried out when purchasing a property and what will they tell me? Answered by Demi Crick


What is a flying freehold? Answered by Kulbir Conner


I have signed the contract - does this mean that we have bought the property? Answered by Carole Cooper

Dispute Resolution
Corporate & Commercial Law

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