What is happening at home

Managing a break up especially with children in the household is not easy.  Addressing the early warning signs is the best strategy.  Communication, or the lack of it, can make all the difference between resolving problems or not.  All too often people do not seek the right kind of help including therapeutic support soon enough. 


If relationship breakdown cannot be avoided, Mediation can offer a safe place to work towards a resolution of the many issues that arise when there is no way back.   


Where there are children this will have been and can continue to be a fraught time.  Without realising it, many parents co-opt their children in undermining the other parent.  They can do this and convince themselves that they are acting for the best.  It is very easy to be blind to the impact this can be having on the developing mind of children. 


Almost all parents will try to do their best in a bad situation but apportioning blame is much more likely to inflame the situation rather than limit the damage and repair the parental part of the relationship for the sake of the children.


It is important to recognise that therapeutic support and mediation can help separating parents manage their own emotional stability and the children’s too. 


There are so many important decisions to be taken such as living arrangements, holidays, special occasions and schooling to name but a few.  A parenting plan can be developed with just a few core principles:


  1. Keep lines of communication open and honest;
  2. Shield children from animosity between parents;
  3. Keep your focus on providing the best for the children so they are at the centre of the decisions you will take together as parents;
  4. Plan ahead for the future maintaining flexibility in arrangements because the children are developing all the time and need both parents’ support around them to help them develop to their potential.

Mediation enables separating parties and parents to be heard but also to hear each other and the voices of their children so that the needs of the children continue to be met by both parents.

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