A Christmas Day In The Life of Josh Parton
  • 11th Dec 2019
  • Article written by Joshua Parton
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What do you do on Christmas Eve?


Being the organised person I am, I usually end up running around like a headless chicken realising I’ve got less than 24 hours to buy presents for everyone! 


After all that hard work, I like to get in the festive mood by watching some Christmas films. There’s rarely a year that passes where Home Alone doesn’t get a viewing. Elf is always a winner too! 


What is the first thing you do Christmas Day?


I start by tearing open a chocolate selection box! If I am watching my waist line then I’ll make sure it’s a chocolate orange!


Do you have any traditions that you do every Christmas?


There’s a theme developing here! I like to challenge myself by seeing how many roast potatoes I can eat! My record is 23 and counting. If anyone fancies a contest then let me know!


Once out of the food coma, we tend to play our annual game of Monopoly - I’m not the sort of person to flip the board when I land on a hotel on Mayfair...


What do you do in the evening Christmas Day?


Eat even more food! I like to get a cheese board going at this point - it would be rude not to! I’ll tend to sit in front of the telly with the family. 


I hate it when the day is over but it quickly sinks in that I’ve always got a packed schedule of Boxing Day football to look forward to ... oh and usually a decent helping of bubble and squeak!