A Christmas Day In The Life of Mandy Coltham
  • 4th Dec 2019
  • Article written by Amanda Adie
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What do you do on Christmas Eve?


On Christmas Eve we go out as a family for a nice breakfast at the Potting Shed in Langley. We then go for a walk in the afternoon to a local pub for a couple of drinks and then when we get home we open our Christmas Eve boxes which normally consist of Christmas pyjamas, a Christmas DVD, wine, chocolate and Christmas socks.  We then sit down in our pyjamas, watch our Christmas film while drinking wine and eating chocolate in our Christmas socks.


What is the first thing you do Christmas Day?


On Christmas morning we gather in the lounge for breakfast croissants with a glass of Bucks Fizz. We then open our presents and then get ready to spend our Christmas Day with the family. We take turns every year as to who hosts Christmas Day between myself, my Mum and Dad and my partner’s Mum.


Do you have any traditions that you do every Christmas?


We do our Christmas Eve boxes every year. We take turns between the family as to who hosts Christmas Day and in the evening my Auntie & Uncle and their children and grandchildren all come over for buffet dinner, drinks and games.


What do you do in the evening Christmas Day?


On Christmas Day evening my Auntie & Uncle come over with their children and grandchildren for a buffet dinner, drinks and games.  One year they will come to whoever is hosting Christmas Day and then the next year we will go to them.  We all like to have a few drinks as a family and we love playing games like Dingbats, Charades, Pictionary and Heads Up!