A Day In The Life of Diane Miller
  • 5th Mar 2020
  • Article written by Diane Miller
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Summarise what your job is?

I am the receptionist at our branch in Tenterden. My job is varied and no two days are the same. I answer telephone calls, meet and greet clients, book meeting rooms,  take payments, check and certify ID, order stationery, sort post and pretty much anything else that is needed to ensure the office runs smoothly.


How do you get ready to start your day?

My day starts quite early. I walk the dog about 6am before getting my son up and taking him to catch the school bus at 7.30am. I then have a quiet 20 minutes or so to have my breakfast before I leave the house and walk to work.

I’m usually one of the first to arrive at the office and I try to get the early post opened and sorted before the other staff arrive.


What is your favourite part of the job?

My favourite part of the job is the people I see daily. I have some great work colleagues and we all get along really well. I also enjoy meeting and chatting to the clients who visit us. Everyone has a tale to tell.


What is the most challenging part of your job?

Hearing people on the phone can be challenging. So many calls are made on mobile phones these days while clients are out and about. Poor signal, background noise or using hands free can sometimes make it hard to hear what people are saying. Also, our office is rather partial to a slice of cake, or two and it’s a daily struggle to resist!


How do you relax when you finish work?

I’m lucky that my walk home is via a country footpath, away from roads and traffic. By the time I get home (past an orchard and over a woodland stream) I have mentally left the office behind and can switch back to being mum and all that that entails. I also find the odd glass of wine works wonders at helping me to relax.