A Day In The Life of Keelie Loftus
  • 7th Nov 2019
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Summarise what your job is?


It always varies day to day in IT but my main daily tasks include:

  • Monitoring tickets and being on hand for any arising issues or queries with PC software and hardware, phones, printers and our Case Management system – Partner for Windows
  • Keeping on top of daily tasks such as releasing or rejecting held emails and ensuring security policies are stuck to
  • Providing user training for new starters or for new software, equipment or security measures


How do you get ready to start your day?


 3 out of 5 mornings I attend a circuits class at my gym, which I find wakes me up and gets me ready for a day which can be a lot of sitting down. Depending on which shift I am on I then either have some time back at my flat before driving to work or have a quick dash straight to work, singing along in the car usually as I go!


What is your favourite part of the job?


I love the satisfaction (and relief) of solving new problems that arise, whether that is just for one user or across the firm (as long as it’s not server related – pressure!) I also particularly like working with our Accounts Manager on developing Partner to do better, more efficient things behind the scenes.


What is the most challenging part of your job?


Some things can be quite repetitive, whether that’s the same thing with different people or the same task throughout the day. Also if systems do crash everybody wants a piece of you at the same time but having a good team helps with that!



How do you relax when you finish work?


If I’ve been sat down a lot during the day I’ll go to a different gym class in the evening (I have to compensate for all the snacking I do). Otherwise I may have dinner with friends or go to ‘Curry Club’ with my Nan, or sometimes just binge on a TV show or book I’m into.