Leeds Castle triathlon
Leeds Castle Triathlon
  • 28th Jun 2017
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At 6.15 on Saturday morning of the 24th, while you we all tucked up in bed, Hannah Durston, Laura Ballard and Laura Harwood, Clare Hollyer, Keelie Loftus and Jonathan Miller were all in the process of signing on to the 2017 Leeds Castle team sprint triathlon.

Fortunately the furnace like weather of last week had broken, and for a few worrying moments before the start, it began to rain. We did the event in two unimaginatively named teams; Whiteheads 1 (Hannah, Jonathan, Laura B) and Whiteheads 2 (Keelie, Laura H, Clare). Annoyingly, the Bond inspired name “Live and Let Tri” only occurred to Jonathan when waiting for Laura B at the finish line.

The distances were a 750m swim (in the castle moat, where one tries not to think what else is in the moat), 26k ride (from the Castle to the Charing roundabout and back, a not very flat route) and a 5k (cross country, round the castle grounds) so each segment pretty challenging, so well done everyone for maximum effort.

Our team times were:

Team 1 

Swim - Hannah     0.17.31

Transition 1          0.01.01

Bike Ride - Jonathan    0.49.22

Transition 2         0.00.47

Run - Laura B     0.27.04

Team 2

Swim - Keelie     0.26.09

Tranistion 1       0.01.04

Bike Ride - Laura H   1.21.12

Trasition 2        0.00.53

Run - Clare      0.26.23

I will also add the Team 1’s cup of smug runs over, as we finished second in our category, so podium position!

It is all in aid of our brilliant Charites of the Year. If you would like to pop on a donation, the website is: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-web/fundraiser/showFundraiserProfilePage.action?userUrl=WMoncktonTri&isTeam=true and of course, many thanks if you have done so.