Can the purchase price for a property be kept confidential?
  • 13th Jan 2020
  • Article written by Sadie Webb
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Many of my clients ask whether the sale or purchase price can be kept confidential without appearing on the title documentation and / or websites such as Zoopla or Right move. Having looked into this and, although the parties can enter into a mutual confidentiality agreement, it is likely that the Land Registry will not agree to omitting the price in the transfer which will become publicly available.


The Land Registry’s guidance sets out that they will "consider each request on its merits based on the explanation you give in form EX1A. However we will not approve an application for exemption if we consider that doing so would prejudice the keeping of the register (see rule 136(4) of the Land Registration Rules 2003).”


The Land Registry also confirm that they would not normally accept a request for an exemption for the price paid and, therefore, it’s unlikely that buyers and sellers can avoid the “price paid” being noted on the register and, ultimately, will then be publically available.