My Mother has been diagnosed with dementia, how can I help her manage her finances?
  • 26th Oct 2018
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How you can help your Mother mange her finances will depend on where she is at in her dementia journey and what symptoms she is experiencing.

To give legal authority to someone to manage your financial affairs if require assistance and/or you are no longer able to yourself, an Enduring or Lasting Power of Attorney (‘LPA’) for property and financial affairs is required. Your mother may therefore wish to consider making one (or reviewing any existing document). Provided she can understand, retain and weigh up the information required to make an LPA, she could choose you to be her attorney and assist with her finances. If someone does not have sufficient capacity to make LPAs, a deputyship application to the Court of Protection is required.

When assisting someone living with dementia, remember that ‘doing with’ is much better than ‘doing for’ and often people with dementia can continue with day-to-day finances but may have difficulty with more complex decisions.

As well as consulting a solicitor for more information regarding LPAs and deputyship, you and your mother may wish to look at the useful factsheets on the Alzheimer’s Society website such as here.

You can get in contact with Bekka for more help and information here.