What if I change my mind, how easy is it to change my will?
  • 28th Oct 2019
  • Article written by Samuel Corse
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You can make a new Will at any time up until the date of your death, in order to make changes to your existing Will. An express revocation clause would be inserted into your new Will to confirm the revocation of your existing one, for the avoidance of any doubt. Alternatively, a Codicil can be executed to supplement your Will if the changes are minor.


It may be the case that you feel the terms of your existing Will do not reflect your wishes at all and that you may want to revoke it before you make a new one. In such circumstances it is important that you take the appropriate professional advice to ensure that firstly, legislation is complied with in order to validly revoke your Will and secondly, that you are aware of the implications for your estate if you were to die without having any Will in place. It may be the case that such ‘implications’ are further from your wishes than the terms of your existing Will!