Working From Home With Kerin Speedie
  • 7th May 2020
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Summarise what your job is?

I’m a solicitor specialising in Wills and powers of attorney, tax planning, estate administration, and trusts. I’m also head of the Tax and Estate Planning team which currently comprises 19 people


How do you get ready to start your day?

I try to stick to the usual routine but normally start a bit earlier as I don’t have to do the school run at the moment


What do you miss working in the office?

I miss the peace and quiet! I’ve discovered that my husband is a very noisy person to work alongside – not to mention the three children and two cats…


What is the most challenging part of your job working from home?

Working on a laptop – I really miss the luxury of two screens and a mouse


How do you relax when you finish work?

Spend time with the children, go for a walk, run on the treadmill and catch up with family and friends (virtually of course!)