Probate Court Fees
  • 21st Jun 2017
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You may have seen in the press, or as we reported in our previous newsletter, the government held a consultation on the increase of probate court fees, moving away from a flat fee for all applications, to a value based fee structure. Despite the negative responses to this consultation, they pressed ahead with the new legislation to implement the increases.

The proposals went as far as being debated and passed by the House of Commons in late April 2017, to then be postponed when the general election was called, as the dissolution of parliament meant there wasn’t time for the legislation to pass through both houses and be given Royal Assent.

Having anticipated a May 2017 implementation date, and working hard to submit all applications as soon as possible, to save clients the additional fees, this was obviously good news to the industry.  However, depending on the outcome of the general election next month, this could only be a delay rather than a complete dismissal of the proposed charges, despite huge industry and public support for them to be scrapped as being disproportionate and unfair.  For now, probate fees remain static at £155 for applications made by solicitors on behalf of their clients, whatever the size of the estate.