Employment Tribunal Claims

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There are strict deadlines and procedures relating to the issuing of employment tribunal claims. When faced with the difficult decision of whether to issue a claim, you want to ensure that it does not fail on a technicality or that certain elements of your claim are not properly pleaded.

Our team of employment law experts has many years of experience in employment tribunal litigation and will ensure that any claim you wish to pursue is expertly managed from before it is filed until it reaches its conclusion. We will at all times be realistic with you in terms of the merits of your claim, the strategies that can be adopted and the costs and risks involved. If you have insurance in place to cover your costs in pursuing your claim, we are happy to explore ways in which we can provide you with advice under that cover.

We advise on claims  including unfair dismissal, wrongful dismissal, discrimination, harassment, victimisation, whistleblowing, equal pay, breach of contract and unlawful deduction of wages. We have experience in acting in claims involving multiple respondents and claimants and claims involving substantial documentation and complex evidence. By instructing us you will be confident in knowing that your claim is being managed by experts in a supportive way.

Should the matter proceed to hearing, we have strong relationships in place with leading barristers’ chambers both within Kent and in London to ensure that you will be very well represented.


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