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Every organisation holds personal data and for nearly all of those organisations, the personal data they hold is crucial for their functioning and reputation. Whether you are a large online enterprise mapping the purchasing habits of your customers, a school holding sensitive personal data about pupils and their families or an SME holding personal details regarding your employees and customers the personal data you hold is fundamental to what you do.

It has now been some years since the advent of GDPR in 2018 but Data Protection Law has continued to evolve and the need to maintain and adapt your data processing strategies to reflect changes in systems, law and operation is just as important now as it was in 2018. We can review your data processing systems or help you implement effective ways to manage particular processes such as data breach reporting.

Should you ever need to report a more serious data breach to the Information Commissioner’s Office (“ICO”) we will be on hand to support you in preparing the report and making sure you comply with the strict timescales in which a report needs to be made. Similarly, responding to some complex Data Subject Access Requests can be a drain on an organisation’s resources and a minefield to navigate through. We can help to alleviate the burden of complying with such requests through strategic guidance and hands on support.

For public sector institutions such as schools, colleges and local authorities requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act are becoming increasingly commonplace. Our team has substantial experience in working within the public sector and in supporting compliance with these requests.

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