Restrictive Covenants and Confidentiality

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Ensuring that you have suitable provisions within the contracts of your staff that protect your business’ interests and confidential information is an essential step towards safeguarding your business’ future. Many employers only learn this lesson once the damage has been done. Putting the protection you need in place before you find yourself in these circumstances is a surer way of ensuring that your business cannot be damaged, or even ruined, by the actions of individuals you have placed your trust in.

Our team of experts  can help you draft and implement suitable covenants and confidentiality provisions that will protect your business going forward. We can advise you on implementing such provisions into the contracts of existing employees as well as incorporating them into the contracts of new employees going forward.

Should the need arise to seek to enforce those restrictions, we can help you to ensure that those obligations are honoured, whether recourse to the courts is necessary or not. We work alongside a network of trusted and respected counsel alongside our own Dispute Resolution experts to ensure that you receive the very best support throughout.

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