Professional Negligence


At Whitehead Monckton we appreciate that sometimes your professional advisers can let you down. Whilst most advice that people receive is efficient and the service is good, from time to time things do go wrong.

When a professional acts for you there is a duty to ensure that they do so with reasonable care and skill.  If they fail to carry out your instructions with that reasonable care and skill and as a result cause you financial loss, then you may be entitled to bring a claim against them. The legal test which is applied against a professional is whether the mistake is one which no reasonably competent professional person could have made.  Most professional advisers are required to have insurance to cover negligence claims so you can be certain in most cases that, if your claim is successful, we will be able to recover the money on your behalf.

When that happens you need to be able to rely on your new advisers to act with complete independence and represent your best interests.  You can be guaranteed of our absolute independence as we don’t act for defendants in such cases

Christopher Longden, Director is able to provide expert advice on professional negligence, alternatively, contact our Canterbury, LondonMaidstone and Tenterden offices today.




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