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Insurance contracts require policy holders to accord by the latin principle of “uberrima fides”, otherwise known as the utmost good faith, when dealing with their insurer.

Such a principle provides fertile ground for an insured to fall into dispute with his insurer.  We have genuine depth of expertise in the field of insurance law.

Our expertise enables us effectively to represent claimants against insurance companies, whether due to a refusal by the insurer to accept liability, an attempt at policy avoidance or a dispute over the amount of a claim.

The wording of insurance policies can also be complex, in particular containing provisions in different sections that can be difficult to reconcile.  We are experienced in considering policies and advising on their true meaning and effect.

The experience we have also enables us to assist with the consequences of delayed settlement of insurance claims with creditors which can create other commercial problems, including insolvency.

Our expertise covers:

  • Loss of stock and materials required for commercial trading
  • Business interruption
  • Refusal of claims for reasons such as breach of warranty
  • Interpretation of policy wording
  • Assessment of damage in flood or fire damages matters


In addition, we have developed considerable experience in disputes between parties who work in the insurance industry itself.

Examples of such disputes may be where problems arise from delegated authority to write insurance policies or the accounting for policy premiums in such cases.

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