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As one of the leading firms of divorce solicitors in Kent, Whitehead Monckton have the necessary expertise and understanding to ensure that legal matters relating to your divorce or separation are dealt with as sensitively and professionally as possible. The ending of a marriage can have an enormous impact upon the individual as well as the family and that is why our approach is designed to minimise the anxiety and distress a break-up can cause.


Our experienced divorce lawyers will guide you through the entire legal process in a clear and cost-effective way.  We will tell you what your rights are, draft the necessary documents and deal with the court on your behalf. If you have been served with a divorce petition we can deal quickly with this on your behalf to protect your interests.


Couples sometimes separate without commencing divorce proceedings and quite often simply wish to know the effects of separation and what options are available to them. In such instances our experienced divorce lawyers can advise you on alternatives to divorce, including judicial separation and separation agreements. As part of the process we will also discuss with you what is to be done with the matrimonial assets and liabilities, and we can also offer advice on parenting arrangements for children following the divorce or separation.


It's important at such a difficult time to understand your position and to discuss your options with an experienced divorce solicitor. The family law specialists at Whitehead Monckton offer supportive, sensitive and practical legal advice. All of our divorce solicitors are members of Resolution and are therefore committed to a non-confrontational approach to resolving family problems.


We have prepared a guide on surviving a separation or divorce together with an 8 point separation strategy infographic that will help to alleviate some of the pain and heartache that inevitably occurs when a marriage ends. As well as covering the legal implications of divorce, the article also provides advice and guidance on how to minimise conflict during the divorce and how to ensure that the best interests of any children affected by the separation are always the primary concern.


We have also prepared a guide to the divorce process that sets out how the legalities are carried out and explains some of the less-understood legal terms relating to divorce. The guide sets out what happens when, and also provides information on the various legal documents that constitute a legally binding divorce. In addition to this informative guide to the divorce process, our divorce lawyers have also provided answers to commonly asked questions on our divorce FAQ page.


If you would like to speak to a specialist divorce solicitor, please call us on 01622 698000 to discuss your circumstances and find out how we can help you. Our family law team are highly experienced and can offer expert advice on all areas relating to separation and divorce.

Financial Matters

The financial aspects of divorce or separation can often give rise to more concern than the divorce or separation itself. Having fully understood your financial circumstances, our divorce advisors will talk you through all of the options available to you. These often include regular maintenance or lump sum payments, property transfers or sale and dividing up pensions and investments.


As no two cases are the same, we will look at your individual circumstances and help you achieve the most suitable outcome either by negotiating a settlement or, if necessary, using the court system to protect your interests. Due to our experience and expertise of working within the family law field, the involvement of legal experts or barristers is undertaken only when strictly necessary.

Where expert financial advice is required on issues such as valuations of partnerships, companies, pensions and investments, we have a panel of financial advisors and investment managers to call upon through our partnership with Raymond James Kent. In addition, we also have three qualified and highly experienced mediators and collaborative lawyers who can work to find a solution for you. 


We have prepared a helpful guide on how we resolve financial disputes, which will give you an idea of the process we follow in order to negotiate a settlement and void going to court. We have also prepared a helpful list of the common questions clients ask about financial arrangements, which should give you an idea of how financial matters relating to divorce are resolved.


Quite often the family home will be the largest asset you and your partner own and it is important that you understand how you own that property.  We have prepared a Family Home Leaflet which contains information on the two main types of property ownership: “joint tenants” and “tenants in common”.


Often when people separate from their partner the very last thing they consider is what impact this would have in the event of their death.  It is vitally important that you consider and review your Will at this difficult time or make one if you do not have one.  So if you have separated from your partner and would like to know how your estate will be distributed once you have passed on, our guide to the effects of divorce on a will should contain all the information you need to make an informed decision.


Our team of divorce solicitors in Kent are here to help you through this difficult time, so please call us on 01622 698000 if you are considering a divorce or you need help and advice on what to do next.



What is Domestic Abuse?

This is not something, which many of us like to admit takes place in our society and can be a taboo subject. This does not mean that you have to tolerate it. We take this area very seriously and we will ensure that the earliest available appointment is made for you. If necessary we can include an immediate attendance at court for suitable protection to be arranged.


You may also find it useful to visit the Men's Advice Line website or the Women's Aid website.


We've prepared a helpful guide to some of the common questions clients ask in relation to domestic abuse here.


If you prefer, please call us to discuss your circumstances and how we can help you.

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