Fees for Business clients

Fees for Business clients

We understand that legal fees may be additional costs that you did not plan or budget for. We work with all of our business clients to offer clear and transparent costs, giving you clear plans and peace of mind.


Likely costs

Our costs for work in these sorts of matters typically range between £1,500 – £9,000 plus VAT. Please note that this range of costs would not include Disbursements, such as Counsel’s fees. It is not a maximum limit on our costs in such matters.

Example costs:

  • Costs for an initial meeting, perusal of documentation (up to one lever arch) and initial advice about options / next steps – £500 – £1,000 plus VAT
  • Initial negotiations including – £200 – £400 plus VAT
  • Defence of Employment Claim – £1,000 – £1,500 plus VAT
  • Preparation of Documentation / Witness Statements / Schedule of Loss – £1,200 – £4,000 plus VAT (depending on case)


(Please note that the above estimates are based on matters which do not include: advice in respect of protracted grievances; advice in connection with data subject access requests; consideration of large volumes of documentation, claims involving allegations of discrimination; claims involving protected disclosure / whistleblowing, and / or travel to and from client’s premises).


The main disbursement in these types of cases will be for Counsel’s fees. Counsel is not usually involved until a decision has been made to lodge an Employment Tribunal Claim. These are discussed with clients before they are incurred but typically range from £600 – £4,500 plus VAT, depending on the extent of Counsel’s involvement. Counsel is usually engaged in the drafting of pleadings and to attend hearings.

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Corporate and Commercial

We focus on creating long-term relationships with our corporate and commercial clients, and provide clear, straightforward and practical advice for all sizes and sectors of business. For an estimate of your costs, please speak to a member of our team.

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Commercial Property

We understand the importance of the role we play in achieving a successful commercial property transaction, as success is typically down to the commitment of the parties and the cooperation of their legal advisors. We apply our knowledge, experience and commercial judgement to each transaction. Get in touch with us for an estimate of your commercial property costs.

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Dispute Resolution

Our dispute resolution services cover a wide range of scenarios. We also work to ensure that your costs are kept to a minimum. Speak to us today for an estimate.

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Mediation costs can depend heavily on your requirements and how long the process lasts. However, we also look to keep your costs as low as possible. Speak to a member of our team today for an estimate of your costs.

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Our notarial services are priced according to your specific requirements. In order to understand your likely costs, please speak to our team.

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Property Dispute Resolution

We understand that during disputes, you don’t need the stress of large costs, so we always aim to keep our costs as low as possible. In order to understand the likely cost of managing your dispute, please enquire today.

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