Workplace Disputes

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From time to time individuals face challenging situations at work which require additional expert advice and guidance. Whether you are facing a disability or capability hearing yourself or feel as though you have been discriminated against, unfairly treated or you wish to raise a grievance, our team of employment law experts can provide you with the strategic guidance and support that you need.

Whether the issues arise from an act of whistleblowing, a pay dispute or issues relating to pregnancy or health, we can provide you with many years of expertise to help you find a solution that meets your needs and objectives. Our approach will be tailored to your goals, whether those are based around resolving the issue amicably so that you can continue within your employment or helping you enforce your rights.

We have substantial expertise working across regulated sectors such as education, finance and healthcare and are alert to the wider potential impacts to clients when providing them with advice in respect of their employment in these and other sectors.


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