How Much Does Family Mediation Cost?

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Having to resort to court when resolving family issues can be stressful and costly, especially when having to deal with the added strain of going through divorce, separation or even the death of a loved one.

When children are involved in family matters, parents may also want to reduce their exposure to conflict or deal with disputes in a way that inflicts the least stress on them. For this reason, family mediation allows couples to meet without the additional hassle of attending court proceedings.

Without the involvement of attorneys, private mediation can give both parties the opportunity to discuss their case and to explore whether settlement is possible. Due to the fact that most families are actively involved in the process of choosing and paying for their own mediators, it is more likely that a settlement will be reached.

The cost of family mediation almost entirely depends on the services required by those who are attending the mediation. This includes services such as divorce agreements, child custody issues, financial arrangements for property, debts, trusts and pensions.

Each law firm or mediation practice will have their own prices for their services. These are also determined based on each client’s requirements. For those who require mediation for a range of issues involving children, money and property, multiple sessions will inevitably be required, potentially resulting in further expenditure.

With Whitehead Monckton, family mediation meetings will cost approximately £780 with the inclusion of VAT. This payment can then be shared between the couple, which will result in costs of around £325 plus VAT per person.

Please be aware that the above-provided rates are subject to change in the case of internal reviews. For an accurate quote, please contact the Whitehead Monckton family mediation solicitors on 01622 698000 or get in touch online to speak to advisors from any one of our offices – MaidstoneTenterdenCanterbury or London.


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