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Every employee and business need to understand and comply with employment laws.  These are some of the most complex laws, with continually evolving regulations and in many cases EU regulations adding to the complexity.


As experts in employment law for employees, we are able to assist you with: 

Employment contracts
Disciplinary Advice for Employees
Termination & Settlement agreements
Employment Tribunal representation


In a number of circumstances employment law legislation changes regularly, e.g. level of minimum wage and new initiatives will affect all organisations which employ people, e.g. introduction of the national living wage and workplace pensions.


We are experts at providing employment law advice for employees, and we are here to provide you with the support you need. We have lots of experience advising a broad range of employees across the wide spectrum of businesses.


Whether you work for a small enterprise or a large corporate firm, we can provide cost-effective and relevant employment law advice to meet your employment needs.


Our Fees:
Please click here for a breakdown of our employment fees.


For expert employment legal advice, contact our CanterburyMaidstone and Tenterden  solicitors today.


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