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European jurisdictions often require a Certificate of Good Standing before they will accept a business into their local Chamber of Commerce or allow a company to establish a branch within their town.  A Certificate of Good Standing is a combination of documentation which shows that a company is properly incorporated, solvent, has complied with the filing requirements within its own jurisdiction and, often, also requires verification of the identity of the directors and, in some cases, the shareholders.  Such a certificate can vary depending on the requirements of the foreign jurisdiction but invariably requires a company search to be undertaken.  A copy of the accounts and, sometimes, a letter from the corporate auditors or accountants to be attached.  The certificate needs to draw together the various requirements of the foreign jurisdiction and apply them to the Company within one Notarial Certificate.


Our Notary is also a Corporate Lawyer and, as such, understands well the foreign jurisdiction requirements and the documents that can be compiled to meet those requirements in the most efficient and cost effective manner.


We have a wide experience in drawing together Certificates of Good Standing for both Commonwealth and European jurisdictions and also large commercial jurisdictions such as China and Dubai where many British companies now operate.

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