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The financial aspects of separation can often give rise to more concern than the separation itself.  Having fully understood your financial circumstances, we will talk you through your options. These often include regular maintenance or lump sum payments, property transfers or sale and dividing up pensions.


No two cases are the same so we will look at your individual circumstances and help you achieve the most suitable outcome either by negotiating a settlement or, if necessary using the court system.  


Because of the extent of our specialism and experience within the team, the involvement of experts or barristers is undertaken only when strictly necessary. Where expert financial advice is required on issues such as valuations of partnerships, companies and pensions we have a panel of experts available including our own in-house financial advisor and investment managers.


We also have three qualified and highly experienced mediators and collaborative lawyers who can work to find a solution for you. 


We have prepared a helpful guide in relation to the procedures that take place during the financial process which you may find useful here.


We've also prepared a helpful guide to some of the common questions clients ask in relation to financial matters here.


Quite often the family home will be the largest asset you and your partner own and it is important that you understand how you own that property.  We have prepared a Family Home Leaflet which we hope you will find useful here.


Often when people separate from their partner the very last thing they consider is what impact this would have in the event of their death.  It is vitally important that you consider and review your Will at this difficult time or make one if you do not have one.  We have set out some of the key factors you need to consider here.


If you prefer, please call us to discuss your circumstances and how we can help you. Our family team are highly experienced and can offer expert advice on all areas relating to financial proceedings.



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