Foreign Powers of Attorney

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It is not always convenient or appropriate to conduct transactions in a foreign jurisdiction directly.  It may be that you need to undertake a transaction, such as buying or selling a holiday home, which requires an on-going legal process in the jurisdiction in which the holiday home is based.  If you are not resident in that jurisdiction it can be difficult to be available to undertake each step of the process.

To simplify this arrangement, therefore, local lawyers will often undertake the transaction on your behalf but in order to do so they need an effective Power of Attorney from you.  Rather than having to visit the jurisdiction to execute the Power of Attorney, it is usually possible to sign it in the presence of a Notary in this country who will then certify and witness your signature so that the Power of Attorney is effective abroad.  This is something that our Notary can undertake and will verify your identity in order to confirm your signature.  We are comfortable in liaising with your overseas lawyers in order to ensure that the documentation is prepared in the prescribed fashion for the receiving jurisdiction.

As many such transactions can often be time critical, we can also arrange an overseas courier to deliver your documentation.  Typically, once the document has been completed, we will also scan a version to your overseas lawyers so that they are aware the document has been completed and can look out for its receipt in hard copy.

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