Single Status Declaration for Marriages Abroad

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It is increasingly popular to get married in a foreign jurisdiction, particularly one where you can guarantee the sunshine!  Each jurisdiction has its own rules for accepting couples for marriage within its borders.  It is often a matter of having to reside there for a short period, usually seven to fourteen days, in order to obtain a form of citizenship which will then enable the jurisdiction to undertake your marriage service.

Before doing so, however, it is often necessary to produce a document showing that you are free to marry.  The document needs to show that you are not already married and there is no restriction on your marrying.  Such a document is referred to as a Single Status Declaration.

We have experience in drawing up such documents or certifying foreign drafted declarations.  Our Notary can meet with you to verify your identity, hear the declaration from you and complete the appropriate Notarial Certificate to verify that you have made the declaration.  If it requires the Apostille (Link) then we can arrange for this to be produced also.

Travel agents specialising in overseas weddings will often require other documents to be certified and our Notary is happy to liaise directly with your chosen travel agent to ensure that the legal documents are sent to them directly.

Before getting swept up in all the wedding plans remember to contact us to confirm our requirements to help you and book the Notary meeting into the busy schedule.





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