A Christmas Day In The Life of Emily Fermor
  • 19th Dec 2019
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What do you do on Christmas Eve?

I am lucky enough to have such a big family, but this does mean we have to split our Christmas celebrations up! So my mum, dad, brother and I all start our celebrations with my mum’s side of the family on Christmas Eve. Ever since being little this has always been a very excitable evening, now with three younger cousins from the ages of 3 to 7 (and a new born to be expected this Christmas!) it is a much louder evening filled with laughter, presents and games. For the past two years after all that excitement I have also gone out for a few drinks with my friends which gives us a nice opportunity to celebrate Christmas with one another.


What is the first thing you do Christmas day?

Presents and chocolate! I have always been the one who will wake up the earliest patiently waiting for the rest of my family to wake so we can all open our stockings and eat an extremely unhealthy breakfast before all getting ready for the day and exchanging our presents with one another, of course that includes giving my dog her presents too!


Do you have any Christmas traditions?

Every Christmas eve all us adults take part in the secret Santa, which creates hours of laughter and guessing who had who! A tradition on Christmas day has unintentionally turned into who can eat and drink the most!


What do you do on the evening Christmas Day?

As we celebrate Christmas day with the rest of my family by the time it reaches the early afternoon/evening everyone has naturally split up into different rooms for various reasons such as to watch the football, clearing up and gossiping, or where I will tend to be every year after eating far too much… the one where we go to watch a film but end up having a nap! Later on in the evening is when all the classic Christmas games come out and in more recent years, the drinking games make an appearance which tends to make the evening go on for allot longer!