Working From Home With Emma Palmer
  • 9th Apr 2020
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Summarise what your job is?


I am an Associate Director, Collaboratively trained lawyer and family lawyer within the family team at Whitehead Monckton. I advise clients on a wide range of issues relating to separation including divorce proceedings, financial matters arising from a divorce or separation and children issues arising from a divorce or separation. I have a particular interest in cases involving pensions and business interests.


I am also the President of the Kent Law Society so that involves (up until recently with Covid-19!) attending a wide range of networking events outside of office hours and being a general ambassador for the Society. Chairing meetings and liaising with members and other key professionals in Kent including our Chief Constable and High Sheriff.


How do you get ready to start your day?


A big cup of coffee – followed by another one!


What do you miss working in the office?


Being with my wonderful colleagues, Sarah Brissenden and Stefanie Smith and the rest of the Canterbury team and the Family team. We have such fun (and of course work really hard too!) when we are all together. The Canterbury office is a lovely place to be and we all get on really well. We enjoy each other’s company but we are doing our best to keep in touch regularly each week by video conference.


What is the most challenging part of your job working from home?


For me I have never found working at home challenging. I have worked flexibly since my daughter was born (she is now 20!) and I have worked at home regularly for over 15 years. I have always been a huge campaigner for home working and flexible working at all levels including compressed hours, job sharing and part time working.  Although the changes of the past few weeks were not quite what I ever envisaged happening! For me the adjustment has been relatively easy but I do find I struggle with remembering to take breaks when I work at home. I tend to get in my zone, head down and the hours fly past. At least in the office, I get interruptions which remind me to stop to eat or have (another!) coffee!


How do you relax when you finish work?


I think if my family read this question they would laugh as I am not known well for relaxing! I move straight from “work” work into “home” work as soon as my office day ends and there is a never ending list of things to do there too! However, when I do finally sit down I best relax with a good TV series or a film. I love a thriller or comedy series and that is the best way for me to de-stress from the day!