Grace Kay Trainee Blog Part 2

My first trainee blog was written 3 months into my Training Contract, and it is hard to believe I am now halfway to qualification, having just started my third seat sitting across both the Corporate and Employment departments.


Since last writing I have completed my first seat in the Dispute Resolution department which I thoroughly enjoyed and have both started and finished my second seat within the Commercial Property department.


Whilst in Commercial Property I experienced a wide variety of work including sales and purchases of both freehold and leasehold properties, drafting leases and reports on titles as well as much more. This work has related to various types of properties including pubs, hotels, shops, offices, and residential. I was entrusted to run files myself from start to finish (with supervision) and was often a client’s main point of contact. This level of responsibility and fast passed nature of the department allowed me to push myself and my capabilities, increasing both my confidence and legal skills.


During this seat I expanded my networking skills by attending the ‘Crowe Topical Tax and VAT Changes Affecting Property’ seminar where I spent the morning meeting other professionals and listening to insightful talks surrounding all areas of Tax and VAT involved in property transactions.


I am now in my third seat, splitting my time between the Corporate and Employment departments which until recently were a combined department. I am very grateful to be able to experience both areas and I am excited to get involved and work alongside colleagues who have already been so welcoming.


As the world is now somewhat back to “normal” (touch wood) socialising and networking events have started to take off. I have attended the Kent Law Society Ball where Judge Rinder was in attendance, our work summer party and I have several development events coming up with LawNet which I am looking forward to attending.


Hopefully by my next trainee blog I will have decided what path it is I wish to go down… however for now, I am keeping open minded, getting involved and taking as much in as I can, as time really is flying by.