Jessica Elphick Trainee Blog

I started at the firm two months ago and began my first seat in the corporate department and time is flying by. It was during my final year of university that I applied for the training contract, and I was offered a place just as I began my LPC. I was so excited to start working for Whitehead Monckton as I really got the sense from the assessment day and interviews that the firm was supportive and welcoming yet gave trainees a hands-on training experience from the get-go.

The firm has exceeded my expectations, whilst I was nervous about starting in the corporate department as it wasn’t an area of law I felt particularly keen on, it has really surprised me and I have loved it so far. I have experienced a wide variety of transactional and non-transactional work already. In terms of transactional work, I have been involved with lots of different types of businesses ranging from small businesses to large companies with subsidiaries and more complex financial structures. I have been working on share purchase agreements, asset purchase agreements and legal due diligence matters. This transactional work has generally involved me liaising with clients and drafting different types of documents like board minutes, Companies House documents and disclosure letters. I have also really enjoyed the department’s non-transactional work. I have had the opportunity to sit in on meetings with clients and draft sections of shareholders’ agreements and partnership agreements that reflect our client’s wishes. It has been great to have been given this level of responsibility from the very start of my training contract and to be immersed in the department’s fast-paced work. I have also realized that everyone was right- you must be open minded during the training contract as the areas of law you don’t believe you are suited to always end up surprising you!!

I feel really settled at the firm already and I am learning so much. I do put this down to how the team operates. Everyone has taken the time to explain tasks to me and made me feel that no question is a silly question!! It has also been great to get to know the other trainees and I am excited for the trainee lunch later this year.

I also attended my first social event that Whitehead Monckton led, the Canterbury quiz night. This was a brilliant opportunity to meet colleagues that work in the Canterbury branch as well as other professionals that operate throughout Kent.

I am excited to continue my seat in the corporate department and gain more confidence in this area of law as well as continuing to build relationships with my colleagues.