Managing the wellbeing of your work force
  • 16th Feb 2017
  • Article written by Louise Purcell
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In one of our recent employment breakfast seminars, we looked at the issue of workplace morale. Studies have shown over the years that high workplace moral increases productivity and profitability.

A recent study has shown that an employer’s ability to recognise and understand the emotions of their workforce impacts on their behaviour at work. A high percentage of employees feel it is very important for their employer to understand how they are feeling.

The study has found that where employees feel they can confide in their boss, they believe their boss is fairer and more empathetic, feel the company cares about their wellbeing and overall improves teamwork and workplace morale.

Taking the view that employees should do their job regardless of what is going on in their private life is risky for employers in light of the findings that employees feel this is highly important.