Menopause – Support in the Workplace?

Roughly half of the adult population will face the menopause in middle age.  Whilst some, appear to be lucky enough to manage to navigate the experience without too much of a problem, for others the menopause can be incredibly debilitating.

The Women and Equalities Committee said in its recent report that the menopause was causing the UK Economy to “haemorrhage talent”.

It’s widely accepted that there isn’t adequate awareness of the impact of menopause on female employees in the workplace, not to mention adequate support.

The Government has today responded formally to the Women and Equalities Committee’s Report “Menopause and the Workplace”.

Responding today, the Government has said that whilst it will appoint a “menopause employment champion” to work with employers to lead a proposed employer led communications campaign, it does not intend to consult on making “menopause” a “protected characteristic” under the Equality Act and, nor does it plan to run a pilot menopause leave policy in the public sector.

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