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  • 21st Aug 2019
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Sadly, many relationships break down; whether this is a marriage, civil partnership, a couple living together and/or a parent and child relationship. None of these relationships are immune from difficulties occurring. When you feel like things are going wrong or even worse when you are told things have gone wrong what is your first thought? It may be overwhelming panic, sheer terror and a desperate need for help. If you then need to contact a law firm with your personal matter this can further stir up a huge mixture of emotions; fear, confusion, anxiety and sadness to name but a few.


So what do you do first? Friends and family are a great source of help with emotional issues but you will also without doubt need to take legal advice to help you and your family through this most difficult of times and choosing the right family lawyer to help you is really important. Yet making that first contact can equally be really frightening. You may be lucky enough to be given a name by a friend or family member but remember that not all cases are the same because every relationship breakdown is different. What worked for your friend may not work for you so you do need to do some investigation to make sure you find the right person to help you.


Looking on the internet at different law firms and then reading up on their approach to family law and seeing the individual lawyers’ profiles is without a doubt a good place to start. Have a look at any reviews from previous clients and also at any articles or posts on social media they make which will help you to understand the family team’s ethos.


Next step is to make contact, and this first hurdle can be overcome quite simply through an online enquiry or an informal chat either over the telephone or face to face with someone like me.


My name is Stefanie Smith and I am a member of the support staff in the Family Department based in our Canterbury office. As one of the first ports of call, myself and the other members of the family team support staff, Jo, Hannah, Victoria and Irene are here to help you.


I will start by taking some initial details from you about your situation to ensure that you are directed to the best member of our family team who will then be able to provide you with the high level of service that the family team at Whitehead Monckton are known to deliver. We offer a fixed fee initial interview in most cases and which I can discuss with you. All of the family team support staff provide a listening ear and can assist you in taking that all important step to obtaining the legal advice you need.


As a law firm, Whitehead Monckton thrive on delivering excellence from the very first moment that you make the decision to contact us.  We are proud of our client service charter and are committed to listening, communicating and looking after you.

If you want to find out more then you can find our client service charter here or give one of the family team support staff a call today.