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Conveyancing is just a generic term for the process of transferring the legal title of a property from one person to another.  We have touched on a number of situations  where the legal title may change, primarily on a sale or purchase.


However, sometimes you may not want to sell a property but just change the ownership of it.  For example you may have a property in your sole name  which you wish to transfer into joint names for tax planning purposes. It can be beneficial to do so for capital gains tax and Inheritance tax purposes.


We can complete all the legal documentation to effect this change.  We can also liaise directly with any lenders involved to ensure that any consents to the change are obtained and that the title and paperwork is all correct.


Working closely with our private client team ensures we can review the impact of any change in ownership on your tax position.  In many cases the change is as a direct result of advice on Inheritance tax planning given by our lawyers and is for the purpose of passing assets and value to the next generation.


Elements of this process may result from divorce settlements.  Again we can provide advice and complete transactions to reflect any settlements and change of ownership or change of equity share. Working closely with our family solicitors enables us to handle these potentially difficult transactions to ensure the desired objective is met.


We have developed a Transfer of Equity Questionnaire designed to enable you to provide information to us. Simply click on the "Start the Process" button to begin.



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