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If your house is free of mortgage and you have a need for income or a capital payment there are a number of arrangements where you can release some of the equity in your property to provide you with this capital or income.


This is called equity release and the process involves  a loan to you of the sum required secured by a charge against the property which is usually repaid at a later date together with the interest that has accrued on the loan.


Typically these arrangements are suitable for people over the age of 60 and ideally the older you are the better as the cost of the arrangement increases over time.


We can provide expert legal advice on the relevant equity release product which has normally been recommended to you by your financial adviser.  The Equity Release Council provides information on the products and providers available.


We review the elements of the product, to highlight the legal obligations and risks involved.  We then can complete the necessary legal processes. 


As we offer expert advice on succession and Inheritance tax planning through our Private client team we are also able to ensure any equity release plans are considered fully within any tax planning arrangements.



Can we help?