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Agricultural property involves both freehold and tenanted land. We advise on all aspects of agricultural property and also liaise closely with local and national land agents experienced in agricultural matters.


The purchase or sale of agricultural property invariably involves important issues over and above the simple land registration issues, easements for pipes and cables, water supply, wayleave agreements, drainage and rights of way. Issues such as milk quota, entitlements under the Single Payment Scheme, environmental schemes and the like all need to be considered.


We have built up expertise in each of the areas above and handle work quickly, cost effectively and are familiar with wider rural issues such as:

  • capital tax position
  • diversification ideas and
  • other restructuring opportunities.

Often the timing of a sale or purchase can be very tight, and although we would not advise rushing any transaction, we can respond quickly to help make the transaction work.  Over the last few years, there have been many changes in the sector. One is the reduced likelihood of a farm actually coming to the open market.  With farmers working very closely with their farming agents, the agents have their ears to the ground to know who is on the lookout for additional land.  This means deals can be made quickly and timeframes short to ensure the end result is achieved with the least pain as possible. 


We recently acted for a client on a large farm purchase where I received instructions on Tuesday and we had to exchange by Thursday.  For 48 hours, we worked flat out to ensure that our client was not disappointed and achieved the right end result.

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