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Landowners need to not only consider how they use their land but also how it can be used by others.  In particular mineral leases may be relevant for quarrying and of greater relevance gas and oil extraction.


We have seen considerable coverage of the recent issues surrounding hydraulic fracturing, known as fracking and the changing legislation and therefore powers available to promote fracking.  Fracking involves specific licensing and relevant permission, for example planning permission and if relevant environment regulator permits.  It is important for the landowner to have the appropriate agreed terms and contracts for such developments.


We have the expertise to negotiate the appropriate agreements on your behalf and to ensure suitable revenue and compensation terms are agreed. In some cases these can be long term agreements which can have bearing on succession planning for you and inheritance tax planning.  It is therefore really important your legal advisers have experience across all elements of the business transactions and their impact on your personal circumstances.( Link to Succession planning)

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