Employment law - 4 key updates
  • 10th Dec 2015
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Alongside a new national minimum wage, this October brought a number of changes to employment law of which small businesses need to be aware.

The Government introduces changes to employment law each year, with those announced in 2015 affecting workplaces of every shape and size. Major changes include:

Tribunals lose the power to make recommendations benefiting the wider workforce

Discrimination tribunals can now only make recommendations that apply to an employee’s specific circumstances.

Ban on smoking in cars carrying children aged under 18

The ban also applies to company cars used for private purposes – so employers may need to review their company vehicles’ policies.

Sikh safety helmet exemption extended to all workplaces

Sikhs who wear turbans will no longer have to wear safety helmets in workplaces such as factories and warehouses. Before this change, the exemption only applied to construction sites.

Fit for Work service referrals begin

The Government’s Fit for Work (FFW) service is rolling out across the country. Employees referred to the service may be given a Return to Work Plan, which can be used as evidence of sickness absence in the same way as a GP fit note.

To understand the changes and how it may affect you and your employees please contact our Employment Solicitors on 01622 698000.