Planning Options - Holiday Cottages
  • 16th Jan 2014
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We negotiated and completed a unilateral undertaking by our client to the Council confirming that certain restrictions should apply to the use and operation of the holiday cottages for which planning permission had been applied for.

The proposed diversification made use of redundant farm buildings.

Although the unilateral undertaking was completed before the permitted development rights were changed in respect of redundant rural buildings the change to residential would still have required a planning permission.

The obligations in the agreement confirmed that the units would only be used for short-term holiday accommodation (less than 42 days at a time) and would not be used as anybody’s sole residence. 

In addition there is an obligation not to pay separate Council Tax for the holiday cottages.

The owner was also required to keep a register as a record of occupancy periods and make this available to the Council for inspection on request.

These sorts of restrictions are very typical of the sort of controls local authorities are seeking from landowners on diversification to holiday lets.  In planning terms use of a building as a holiday let will have a reduced impact on local resources such as education and on the local transport system.

It can often be the case that holiday lets are acceptable where a straight forward conversion to residential use on a permanent basis may not be. 

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