• 10th Feb 2021
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This is my last Trainee Blog for Whitehead Monckton as I am no longer a trainee! After over two years of training I was official admitted to the role of a solicitor on my first day back to work in 2021. I am extremely proud that ‘trainee’ has been removed from the job title and I am even happier that I managed to secure a qualified position at Whitehead Monckton.


In my second Trainee Blog I was completing my third seat in the Commercial Property team. At Whitehead Monckton, they organise the seat system so that you spend your fourth and final seat in the department that you hope to qualify in. Despite enjoying all of seats throughout training, I decided that I would return to the Dispute Resolution team, where I started my training.


To think it was a whole year since my last day in the Dispute Resolution team in my first seat at the time I returned was crazy. Even though that year had been spent in two completely different and non-contentious seats I felt like I had developed a lot as a trainee and was ready to fully commit to the last period of my training.


Sadly, the start of my final seat was time almost perfectly with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic surging through the UK. This unfortunately meant I spent a lot of 2020 working from home and I had significantly less face to face time with both colleagues and clients, which I know some people will relish but I really missed it and still do to this day!


Nonetheless, the firm dealt with the impact of the pandemic really well and I was still able to get a strong level of training completed, even if it did mean a slight extension to the period of training. During this final seat I was given a lot more responsibility and even ran my own files under supervision that I then took over once qualified. This made the transition become a lot smoother and really helped me prepare for taking on my own clients.


I now look forward to continuing to progress within Whitehead Monckton and specifically the Dispute Resolution team, whilst also helping the current and future trainees have as much support through their training as I did during mine.

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