• 24th Oct 2019
    Article written by Jack Staker
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At the time of writing my first trainee blog, in November of last year, I remember starting off with a paragraph outlining my shock at how quickly time had flown by since starting two months previously. Spoiler – here I go again! Since blog post one I have done so much in what has seemed like no time at all. Trying to summarise all in the space provided for this blog post shall be difficult, but nevertheless here we go!


Starting in chronological order, I completed my commercial property seat at the end of February 2019 and rotated on to the smaller in numbers but equally accommodating Dispute Resolution team. Here I spent six months under the watchful gaze of Chris Longden; utilising both his and Emma Salmon’s knowledge, skill and guidance. I also had the opportunity of spending a day a week in the Canterbury office undertaking tasks for the equally capable David Riordan and Sam Mulligan. I really enjoyed my time in litigation; the contentious nature of the seat something I found I was more suited to. Face-to-face client interacting went up a few notches and I was often out of the office attending various court hearings, conferences with counsel and the occasional mediation.


I have now moved onto my third seat, Family. Whilst undertaking the LPC, the Family module was the one I found I most engaged with and enjoyed above the rest, so I was pleased and excited to find out it was to be my third seat. It is an incredibly busy time for the Family team at present and so for me, a great time to start getting involved. Some of the tasks I have been given have included; drafting divorce petitions/children applications for contact, dealing with disclosure tasks such as sorting client’s replies to questionnaires and attending court hearings. I am thoroughly enjoying my time in the Family team and I am looking forward to the rest of the seat.


To continue the busy theme, as always there has been a lot going on outside the office to get involved with. The annual Whitehead Monckton charity golf day was again held in September at Cave Golf Club (formerly Boughton Golf Club). It was a great day and very successful in terms of raising funds and awareness for the Whitehead Monckton Charitable Foundation, which is what it was all about. Unfortunately despite playing well last year my game left a lot to be desired second time around!


I, along with my fellow trainee Alec, was involved with the trainee assessment days by making a presentation to the trainee candidates. I can tell you I felt a lot more comfortable being the one making the presentation than I did a few years previously watching the then trainees doing the same thing. Again an indicator of how quickly time has flown by! I have also become a Dementia Friend by receiving training from our Dementia Friends Champions within the firm. This has not only changed my perspective and understanding of Dementia but has helped in highlighting to me ways in which I can better interact and support those within the community unfortunately living with Alzheimer’s and related conditions.


Now that the nights are drawing in it means that Christmas shall soon be upon us and I for one am looking forward to it as usual. Until then there is still plenty to be getting on with both in the office and out; starting of course with plenty of celebrating when England win the Rugby World Cup!.... I’m quietly optimistic. I imagine my next update in the New Year shall be my last trainee blog, an exciting albeit daunting prospect!

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