• 8th Nov 2019
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I completed my last exam for the LPC in June 2019. A few weeks later, I found that I secured a training contract with Whitehead Monckton commencing in September 2019. So it is fair to say that the timing was excellent. I am now nearly two months into my training contract and it already feels like I have done so much in that time.


Being in a split seat (Corporate/Employment) has exposed me to an incredibly varied workload. The Corporate department have been very helpful in teaching me how various deals are structured and the best approach to take when assessing the situation. I have been able to assist on Share Purchase Agreements, Shareholders’ Agreements, contracts etc.… I have even had the chance to draft my own Terms and Conditions under the watchful eye of Nicholas Johnson. I usually spend at least one day a week in the Tenterden office, where I have been able to work closely with the Head of the Corporate team, Janet Goode. I am really enjoying the face to face meetings with the clients, and seeing how we, as a firm, can help to progress their vision for the future of their businesses.


The Employment department has also been a very exciting seat. I have been able to attend meetings with counsel in London to prepare for a case. I have drafted letters of advice to clients on multiple areas of Employment Law, including TUPE. As Employment Law is so specific, any litigation in this area is handled by the Employment team (rather than the Dispute Resolution team). This has meant that I have been able to have exposure to the very exciting world of the Employment Tribunals and litigation, which I am thoroughly enjoying. Particularly, corresponding with the opposing side on matters such as bundles and disclosure.


It has been very interesting to see how the different departments with the firm interact with each other. For example, a Share Purchase Agreement may have a property element to it or an Asset Purchase Agreement is likely to have TUPE implications.  


I studied both of these areas on the LPC but practice, in reality, is very different to academics (even the LPC!). However, the teams are incredibly supportive in progressing my training and they are always open to any questions I may have.  


In fact, the entire firm has been fantastic in making all the trainees feel like a part of the team from day one and it is fair to say that my nerves from the first week have completely vanished.


I have also been involved with the Kent Law Society and through attending networking evenings, I have been able to expand my professional network. With the festive period looming, I am sure there will be plenty of events to attend. I will also be volunteering at the Maidstone Citizens Advice Bureau in December, which will be very exciting. In the meantime, I look forward to keeping busy in my departments and carrying on with the exciting work we are currently undertaking.

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